The Breath Company Products

The Breath Company products have been used by millions of people worldwide. Our products are the result of over 20 years of medical and dental research by the internationally recognized bad breath expert, Dr. Harold Katz.

The Breath Co 12-Hour Fresh Breath Oral Rinse - Mild Mint

Nothing works faster and lasts longer to prevent bad breath.

The Breath Company Oral Rinse, available in a mild natural mint flavour, is unconditionally guaranteed to stop bad breath. The patented formula uses the natural germ fighting power of oxygen to attack the source of bad breath odour and gum irritation.

The Breath Co 12-Hour Fresh Breath Oral Rinse - Icy Mint

Our time-tested, regular strength oral rinse also is available in an invigorating Icy Mint flavour. We've incorporated all the bad breath fighting technology of our original, The Breath Company Oral Rinse and added a cool blast of minty menthol and crisp citrus. Guaranteed to stop bad breath!