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Loose Women on iTV
Dr. Katz joins the panel on Loose Women — 6 July 2018

Bad breath expert, Dr. Harold Katz, visits the panel and tests their breath. So who has the best breath?

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My date with the bad-breath guru of Beverly HillsThe Times

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The Lady Loves...The Lady

...The Breath Co fresh breath oral rinse.

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How to be a good kisserMSN

It's International Kissing Day! If you're planning on puckering up, don't let bad technique or stinky breath spoil the fun.

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Want whiter teeth? Munch on dark chocolate, cheese and strawberries, says leading dentistThe Daily Mail

Dr. Harold Katz is Hollywood's halitosis expert, testing everyone from politicians to actors with his halimeter. So how did Peta Bee fare?

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Bad breath...sort it outForever Sports

Warning: a quarter of us suffer from it. Don't be one of them.

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