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Bad Breath Information

My boyfriend sometimes has bad breath. Is it possible for him to give it to me when we French kiss?

Simply put, you can't give bad breath to someone else. The bacteria that create this problem are actually good bacteria and are part of the normal oral flora (the mix of bacteria that you need to function properly). It's possible that the bacteria in your boyfriend's mouth (tongue, throat, tonsils) are reacting to his dry mouth, which could have been created by smoking, medication, or alcohol (in beer and wine). Tell him about The Breath Company and both of you will soon be able to kiss with confidence.

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I smell bad breath coming from my nose when I exhale. Am I imagining things? What can I do about this?

You are not imagining anything. There are odours that can be detected in some cases as they emanate from the nostrils. This type of odour is due to mucus in the nasal passage and its reaction to bacteria in the nostrils (not in the sinus). It may also be a by-product of the reaction between mucus, post nasal drip, or allergies in the area beyond the sinus (in the naso-pharyngeal area and the throat/tonsil area).

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Is there a benefit to using a tongue scraper or tongue brush?

Tongue scraping by itself is not particularly effective. It is kind of like using a toothbrush without toothpaste. Excessive or overly agressive scraping can also result in injury - a painful, dry and burning tongue. For a clean tongue we recommend you use a tongue scraper or toothbrush to gently apply The Breath Company Toothpaste to the tongue surface. This will help remove waste and odour from the bacteria that live deep in the tongue's papillae or fibers while soothing tongue irritation.

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Whenever I have post nasal drip, my breath gets worse. Does this mean bad breath comes from the sinuses?

No. Bad breath gets worse when you have post nasal drip because the anaerobic, sulfur-producing bacteria that cause bad breath live and breed on the back of the tongue and in the throat. They feed on the excess mucus in your throat and break it down into sulfide molecules which cause bad breath and bitter, sour tastes .

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Once in a while I get these small white round dots that appear on my tonsils and sometimes I even cough them up. They have an extremely strong odour. What are they and is this related to my breath and taste disorder?

Those little round globules are known as Tonsilloliths or Tonsil Stones and they cause very bad breath. They are caused when the gases produced by the bad breath bacteria mix with mucus and thick saliva in the back of your throat. After a period of time this mixture condenses into the odourous globs you described. They are usually only present in those who have tonsils.

Many of my patients have actually had their tonsils removed due to misinformation from physicians about this problem. Unfortunately, these patients still had bad breath after having the tonsillectomy because BAD BREATH DOES NOT START IN THE TONSILS! It starts on the back of your tongue and can then branch off into your tonsils.

Gargling with The Breath Company Oral Rinse and allowing a small amount of the rinse to go down your throat will stop the bad breath odour and will eventually eliminate the Tonsil Stones.

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Product Information

Where are The Breath Company products made?

All The Breath Company products are proudly made in the USA at FDA licensed and OSHA compliant facilities employing legal and skilled labor. I take pride in the quality of my products and the safety and well-being of my employees.

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How long have The Breath Company products been on the market?

TheraBreath (the US version of The Breath Company) was first developed in 1992 when my daughter was teased in junior high about having a bad breath problem. The products she tried at the time just didn't work for her. Within a year I had a working prototype of the formula that became The Breath Company Oral Rinse (that my daughter still uses to this day!). It was first sold through dental offices in the US in 1993. By 1995, TheraBreath Toothpaste and Oral Rinse were available in most major US drug stores. We are pleased to now offer our products in the UK under The Breath Company label.

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Are The Breath Company products the same as California Breath products?

Well, sort of. Both California Breath and The Breath Co were created by me, Dr. Harold Katz. I've improved the formulations of my California Breath products and rebranded them as The Breath Company. So, The Breath Co products are actually improved versions of my California Breath products!

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How often should I use The Breath Company products?

The only way to effectively stop bacteria from producing volatile sulphur compounds is to use The Breath Company products every twelve hours. Bad-breath-related bacteria reproduce every 10-12 hours which is why the product needs to be used on a regular basis to control their population. I recommend you use The Breath Company Toothpaste and Oral Rinse every morning when you wake and every evening right before bedtime.

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Are The Breath Company products gluten free?

Yes. All The Breath Company products are completely gluten free.

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Are The Breath Company products tested on animals?

The Breath Company has a strict NO ANIMAL TESTING policy. The exception is toothpaste containing fluoride but testing is kept to a minimum.

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Are The Breath Company products kosher?

Yes. Our products are bottled under Rabbinical Supervision and have earned the KSA seal of approval. You can be assured all manufacturing and bottling is carefully scrutinized and that no animal products are EVER used in any of our formulas.

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Can I still use my regular toothpaste and mouthwash if I use The Breath Company?

No. Almost all commercial toothpaste's contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, a harsh detergent, which causes the foaming action when you brush. This makes you think your teeth are getting very clean. In fact, the Sodium Lauryl Sulfate has no beneficial effects at all. However, it does inhibit the potency of the active ingredients in The Breath Company products and negates the oxygenation process used to destroy the bad breath bacteria.

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Why can't I use water to rinse when using The Breath Company?

The Breath Company Toothpaste and Oral Rinse are designed to work together as a two step process to knock out bad breath producing bacteria and their odours. The The Breath Company Oral Rinse reacts with the Toothpaste in a patented Oxygenating process to thoroughly clean your mouth. Rinsing the Toothpaste out of your mouth prior to introducing the Oral Rinse disrupts this process and makes the regimen far less effective. While it may take a bit to get used to not rinsing with water, we are sure you will be very impressed with the results once you do.

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Is it safe to swallow your oral rinses?

Yes - in small amounts. Many people allow a small amount of the rinse to trickle down the back of their throat after gargling in order to reach bacteria at the far back of the throat where normal gargling may not reach. This is perfectly safe.

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Why do foods and even water sometimes taste different after using The Breath Company?

Some people may notice that certain foods and even water may taste different after first using The Breath Company products. This is most likely because of a highly acidic oral environment. The Breath Company is pH Neutral, meaning that it neutralizes excess oral acids. This change is what is causing the change in taste perception. The good news is that this is a sign that The Breath Company is working, and the change in taste perception is only temporary. Typically within a week of first use your sense of taste will return to normal as your mouth acclimates to its new, less acidic oral environment.

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The Breath Company Oral Rinse doesn't burn. Doesn't the burn of a mouthwash indicate it is killing bacteria?

Not necessarily. The concentration of alcohol in the leading alcohol-based mouthwash is just strong enough to feel unpleasant but not strong enough to actually kill bacteria. In addition, attacking bacteria with harsh alcohol can actually lead to more serious oral care issues over time. Alcohol can dry the mouth and reduce its ability to produce healthy saliva - your body's own defense against germs in the mouth.

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